About this Blog

Why did I start a blog? After reading so many, I thought it would be fun to start one of my own and eventually like most bloggers, make some side income.

Basically this blog is about the way I view spending, money and relationships, personal finance experiences, etc.  I’ll be including ideas on how I spend and save money.  You may have read similar topics in other blogs,  but my ultimate goal is to try and blog about personal finance topics that haven’t really been talked about and possibly make you think even more about the general topics. This might be a little bit difficult, since there are so many amazing blogs out there that I have become addicted to reading, but I am always up for a challenge. 🙂

I have no intention of adding charts, budget calculators, general info about TFSAs, taxes, RRSPs, stocks, mutual funds, disclosing my net worth, salary or my personal budget because I feel there are an adequate number of blogs out there that have accomplished that.  As much as I am an avid list maker, I am going to try and avoid them.  My goal is to post 1-2x/week. My goal is to inspire you, inform you, make you laugh and to give you something to read while you’re waiting for the bus/train/subway, drinking your coffee, surfing the pf blogosphere, etc.

Hope you find the posts insightful, yet humourous.

Happy reading!


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